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Customized Cleaning Schedules

Making employees clean up an office space takes them away from the jobs they were hired for and can also crush worker morale. Research suggests that a clean office makes for a happier employee, so keeping an area clean should be towards the top of the priority list of bosses and office managers. No business wants to waste an exurbanite amount of time and money to hire an in-house office cleaning service in NYC, so we offer custom services to help keep your office clean and your cost down.

Our experienced staff can help you create a customized cleaning schedule that works for you and your office space.

Custom cleaning routines a constructed around a few essential elements. This includes:

  1. The size of your space
  2. The amount of furniture and machine in the area
  3. The total number of employees
  4. The number of clients who visit the office
  5. What types of rooms are in your space (offices, kitchens, bathrooms, and lobbies)
  6. The materials for surfaces in the office (floors, walls, counters)

Speaking with our talented team is the easiest way to ensure that your space will stay clean while keeping your employees happy and focused. Call us today for office cleaning in Manhattan.

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