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Janitorial Services in New York

CCS Cleaning Service provides cleaning services like office cleaning & janitorial services to businesses throughout New York.

Different environments require different cleaning methods, tools, cleaners, and knowhow. There are a lot of reasons to consider hiring a professional janitorial service, but they all end up saving you money, time, and effort in the long run. There is nothing like having a clean office environment, and some even say that a business that has a clean workspace functions better. That may be right, because most of the top firms and business have trained staffed dedicated to keeping the office spotless.

  • We save you the worry of hiring individual janitors to make a team/staff. Going through resumes and interviews eats up valuable time you could be doing something important. You also do not have to worry about tax forms and potentially firing people. We give you a full janitorial staff without you having to make one yourself
  • Going online to do extensive research takes a lot of time and effort, and who knows if you are even reading accurate information? Having a spotless office will be beneficial to your employees and to customers coming through. How will you know what cleaners to use where and what settings on the vacuums and floor waxer? Learning how to clean quick and efficiently is an acquired skill. We've already developed those skills, and each one of our workers is highly trained.
  • Getting your own employees to clean can sometimes work rather well, but sometimes it can lead to messes and smells. Who wants that in an office? Why put that sort of strain and pressure on your workers when you don't have too? You probably didn't mention cleaning duties in the job description during the hiring process, so maybe it isn't fair to put that on your employees.

There are so many more reasons to hire a professional office cleaning in NYC besides the three listed above. Our services are extensive and our scope is wide reaching. Hiring us to help clean your office or commercial space clean will leave you with spotless offices and buildings. We can withstand any mess any where anytime. Give us a call today.

Janitorial Services to the NYC area

Making the decision to hire a professional cleaning crew in NYC, be it an internal or outsourced unit, is one of the best decisions you can make for your business (for both employees and customers). When people create business plans, they sometimes forget to factor in cleaning costs. Those people usually don't even factor in the importance of cleaning for businesses/companies/not-for-profits. The distinctions between a clean and dirty office and show room could potentially cost you time and money. A dirty showroom can lose you business, and an untidy workspace can lead to a sick work staff. The best way to avoid those problems is to clean on a regular basis.

It is important to note that getting a space clean isn't as simple as mopping and vacuuming. Different spaces have different layouts, and so different tactics and tools need to be used accordingly. In order to ensure you get a level of clean that is above standard, it is important to find a Janitorial services in NYC, New York that covers all cleaning jobs and locations. You can find an office cleaning service in NYC, New York that will offer you basic cleaning services. These services will be limited in scope and also in tools that are used.

Basic cleaning services include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Trash removal
  • Dusting

Basic services are fine for smaller retail stores that don't create such a messy environment, but even these stores should be getting full cleanings frequently.

An office cleaning service in NYC, New York that offers a full spectrum of office cleaning and maintenance will be able to keep your office looking brand new and up to code.

One of the services of full spectrum cleaning is deep floor cleaning. This includes a cleaning and a waxing. Mopping can only get you so far, and that is why you want your cleaners to hand scrubbing hard to reach places like corners and stairs. Waxing allows for the sealing of grout, so your floors stay healthier longer. Deep floor cleaning will have your floors spotless and looking brand-new.

Finding janitorial services in NYC that can also do mold removal will save you time and money. Mold can be very dangerous, and it needs to be taken care of immediately. If you hire a cleaning service that can clean your floors and also remove mold then you do not have to hire a third-party mold removal service.

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