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Do Not Ruin Carpets While Trying to Clean Them

One of the biggest problems with purchasing carpets is keeping them clean. They are comfortable, and they look good, but they are a bit harder to clean than other surfaces. When cleaning carpeting, it is possible to make problems worse. Using improper tools and incorrect cleaning methods is a surefire way to make carpet stains permanent. Our talented staff has access to the right instruments and cleaners, and they know how to approach different stains on varied surfaces. If you notice an emergency situation and do not have time to give us a call, make sure to follow the below rules:

  1. Never wait too long: As stains remain on carpeting, they become harder to treat. At a certain point, they will become permanent stains. We can provide daily cleaning, which will help to ensure no mess ever sits too long.
  2. Use the right cleaners: This is especially the case on carpeting because improper solvents can do more damage to the carpet. Any chemical filter containing harsh chemicals or bleach will most likely harm.
  3. Using too much water: Over-saturating a carpet makes them very difficult to clean.
  4. Confusing deodorizer for a cleaning solution: Deodorizer is meant to make things smell less and has no unique cleaning properties.

Our janitorial services in NYC are extensive, and that includes proper and thorough carpet cleaning. To set up office cleaning in NYC, give us a call.

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