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Exposing The Dirtiest Parts of an Office Space

Businesses that are not cleaning companies can quickly fall behind with following essential cleaning schedules. Our office cleaning service in New York can keep your employees focused on their jobs while maintaining a clean and healthy office space. We clean all areas of an office because we know that all areas get dirty. In our experience, some of the dirtiest parts of an office are not what most people would think. Of course, bathrooms and kitchens are amongst the dirtiest, but there are more places to clean than those two rooms.

Some areas we focus on include:

Computer Hardware: Do you know how dirty a keyboard and mouse can become? Many are made in dark colors, which hides dirt and smudges well. The most significant issue with these devices is the microscopic germs and bacteria that call these tools their home. We clean these places and phones as well so that your employees can stay healthy.

Doorknobs and Buttons: How many employees and clients wash their hands before coming into an office? They may have just come off public transportation, and now they are touching buttons and opening doors. We make sure to disinfect and clean these areas.

Coffee Maker: These machines are amongst the easiest in an office to ignore. As these devices get dirty, bacteria and mold can grow, which can affect the quality of the coffee employees and guests are drinking

Focus on your business and the task at hand. Let us focus on office cleaning Manhattan.

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