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Green Office Cleaning in NYC

As more science comes out on the benefits of green cleaning for the environment and workers, more companies are turning to janitorial services in NYC that keep green cleaning in mind. We can offer custom cleaning solutions that meet the exact needs of your office and your workers. Two principal determinants comprise green cleaning.

The most important aspect of environmentally friendly cleaning is the chemical product used to clean. The EPA has implemented labeling criteria for chemicals. Green cleaners usually produce a better smell and quality of air than heavy chemical cleaners. Clients and employees will appreciate this.

  1. DfE (design for the environment) - meets the standard for EPA chemicals
  2. Low VOC - small amount of volatile organic compounds
  3. No VOC - no volatile organic compounds

The second important factor for green cleaning are the machines used. Energy-star or low-energy rated appliances reduce the amount of electricity needed to clean. This lowers energy bills and helps to save the Earth.

Taking small steps, like altering a cleaning schedule, can contribute to making big impacts on the planet. We can help you make that step by quickly setting up green office cleaning in NYC. If you have any further questions about how we can help your office go green, please give us a call.

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