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How Frequently Should an Office be Cleaned?

Although the correlation might not seem to be there, a clean office is integral for any successful business. It is tough for a company to be successful without a proper cleaning regiment. Clients who come to your space will turn away and not want to come back. New Clients will be unimpressed with you lack attention to detail. Your employees are more likely to get sick and feel less motivated when working in a dirty office. Our office cleaning services in NYC can help keep your employees happy, and your business is thriving. When creating a custom cleaning routine, we will ask you the below questions. The answers to these questions will help us determine how much cleaning your office needs.

  • How big is your space?
  • How many people come and go daily?
  • What sort of rooms are you responsible for (kitchen, lobby, bathroom)?
  • What types of floors, furniture, and work gear do you have?
  • How often is your business open and what are your hours?

We work with all our customers to create a custom cleaning schedule that fits specific offices and budgets. Our talented team has the tools and the skills necessary to keep any room spotless. For office cleaning Manhattan, turn to us first!

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