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How to do Green Office Cleaning in NYC

One thing that NYC is not short on is office spaces. Each of these spaces needs to be cleaned on a frequent basis, and so a lot of cleaning supplies and tools will be used. If you consider your business to be green then what qualifies that assertion? Are you doing everything you can do to help make NYC a healthier and less polluted city? Have you had this conversation with a janitorial service in NYC?

Before we answer the question how do we do green cleaning, we first must establish what green cleaning actually is. When people think of green they usually think of solar and wind energy, reusable bags, and recycling, but how much of that actually applies to cleaning an office space? When you start to think about green cleaning you start to think about the products/cleaning agents you use, as well as the machines that you use them with. To clean green, you need chemicals that are natural or non-hazardous to human health, as well as machines that are highly energy efficient. Janitorial services in NYC should be able to help you make the transition to green cleaning

Why would anyone want to make a switch to green cleaning? The reasons to do so are two-fold: health and comfort of your workers/customers, as well as your businesses own environmental impact. If you see that your workers are frequently getting sick, complaining of allergies, or deal with irritation of the eyes or nose, then you may want to consider how you are cleaning your space. When you use cleaning products, vapors are given off. Toxic vapors from traditional cleaning supplies could very well be attributing to the problem your workers and customers are having.

As well as thinking about the people in your establishment, by going to green cleaning you are helping the world outside. Vapor can escape through the ventilation system in your space, which would bring it outside. You must also consider how the cleaning products were made. Green products will be made in an environmentally friendly way.

Being a green business doesn't simply mean using wind or solar power. No, being green goes much deeper than that, and it should affect everything the company does. Being green is a philosophy and a way of life. From changing light bulbs to using environmentally friendly cleaning products, everything a company does helps to offset pollution. We provide janitorial services in NYC, and we can help you switch to green cleaning.


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