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Is Day Cleaning Effective?

For a while, the cleaning industry standard was to clean at night or after regular business hours. The day workers are replaced by a cleaning crew in the evening. In the morning, workers return to find a freshly cleaned office. Although this type of cleaning offers clear benefits, changes have been made in cleaning schedules and routines. Both commercial and residential property owners/renters are opting for day cleaning. Simply put, day cleaning is during the daylight hours. Many of the tasks will be completed while business is functioning as usual. Cleaning methods that are loud and intrusive will be done either before employees come in or directly after they leave. Day cleaning offers many benefits. This is especially the case for office cleaning Manhattan.

  1. Cleaning during the day can save money. The total energy cost for space will drop when that area uses less energy. Cleaning at night requires lights and power to be used almost around-the-clock. If cleaning is done during the day, less energy is needed. Some surveys suggest the individuals can save up to 3% on their total energy bill. Those who clean during the day stand to save thousands on their annually. A janitorial service NYC can save your business money.
  2. Being able to see the office being clean does wonder for the mind of workers and clients. Being able to see and meet janitors will increase confidence in the workplace.
  3. Handling emergency situations is a great deal easier when the cleaning crew is on hand during the day. Spills and accidents can be cleaned immediately.

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