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Keeping an Office Bathroom Clean

Keeping an office bathroom clean is so important for maintaining a overall clean office. It is something that will keep both employees and clients happy. Performing the task of cleaning a bathroom properly should prevent cross-contamination into other areas and present a visually appealing restroom.

The first step to cleaning the bathroom effectively is the prep work that goes into it. All the cleaning supplies should be gathered before you start. Mops and rags should be properly marked so they are not used in another area of the office. This will help with avoiding cross-contamination.

While it’s not important to do an extensive cleaning in the bathroom everyday, there are certain things that should be taken care of daily. The visual appearance of the bathroom should be checked daily. Debris lying around the floor or by the toilets and sinks should be picked up and thrown away.

The last thing that needs to be taken care of when the bathroom is done is the clean up. All trash bags from the clean up should be placed in the dumpster. The sign in the front of the bathroom door should not be removed until all floors and surfaces have dried. All mops, buckets, and rags that were used should be rinsed and cleaned out.

The best way to ensure that a bathroom gets cleaned properly and efficiently is to hire a professional office cleaning service NYC. A commercial office cleaning NYC will perform the task properly.

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