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Killing Germs in your Office

We all know that feeling: the sinking dread that sets in when we hear a fellow co-worker cough, sniffle, and sneeze. It’s usually a clear indication that you are about to get sick in the next few days. In an unsanitary office, germs can spread like a raging wildfire. Communal areas become a pathogen breeding ground, which causes sickness to spread through an office. With a professional cleaning service in NYC, it doesn’t have to be this way.

The best way to stop spreading germs is to practice healthy hygiene. If the employees can’t do that, the second best defense is to thoroughly clean.  A janitorial service in NYC is the best line of defense against viruses and bacterial. They know to clean all of the hot spots that usually harbor the majority of the germs.  Phones, desks, water coolers, coffee pots are all examples of items that carry germs.

Bathrooms are another area of the office that should be cleaned by a professional service. Sinks, toilet flushers, paper towels, should be sprayed or wiped down with a disinfectant. Office cleaning services in NYC have the best tools to accomplish these tasks and can do them very efficiently.

It is always wise to encourage a sick employee to stay home. The best defense against germs is to keep them out of the office all together.  Practicing good hygiene, using hand sanitizer, and avoiding the office are great ways to reduce work place related sicknesses.

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