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Light Fixture Cleaning

Offices in New York tend to have beautiful light fixtures.  Each office will have a plethora of florescent blubs that keep the workspace bright and energetic. Over time, dust can accumulate on bulbs in the workspace that can cause offices to get dimmer and dirtier.  A dirty bulb can produce 20 percent less light than a clean blub.  By hiring an office cleaning service in NYC that specializes in light fixtures a company can increase the efficiency, and longevity of their light bulbs.

  • Depending on the type of light fixture, there are multiple ways that you, or a cleaning service, could chose to clean it. If your office has multiple lampshades, which are made of gentle materials, use a lambskin duster instead of a rag made of wool. For stronger lampshades, the brush setting on a vacuum would be a sufficient method of cleaning.
  • To clean the blubs inside of a fixture, make sure that your electricity supply is off prior to getting close to the socket. Light bulbs have the tendency to explode, and you don’t want to risk being too close. Additionally, there is a chance that you could experience an electrical shock if you reach to far into the socket. Lastly, bulbs that have been on for a long period of time are likely to be extremely hot. Touching one of these bulbs with a bare hand can lead to a severe burn. After you insure that the light switched has been turned off, you can clear the opportunity for harm to occur, and simply wipe the bulbs off with a soft cloth. For florescent lights, clean the length of the tube with a damp cloth.
  • If you office is situated in an older building, that has glass chandeliers, you will need some extra tools to get the job done.  Goggles, lambskin dusters, and water and vinegar in a spray bottle will help to clean your chandelier.  To stop cleaner from dripping down the chandelier, you can hang an inverted, open umbrella to catch liquid.
  • Make sure that when you are cleaning blubs that you don’t use too much liquid. An oversaturated cloth, or excessive amount of solution, can cause liquid to leak into the fixture and cause a great deal of damage.
  • For fixtures affixed to the ceiling, you need a great deal of soapy water. Fixtures, such as fans, accumulate the most amount of dust in an office, because of the perpetual movement of the blades stirring up particles, and the height of ceilings.   An office cleaning service, in NYC, can be the best solution for cleaning tough to reach places.
  • The best way to clean is to hire a service that provides daily, weekly, and bi-weekly cleaning operations. Staying vigilant with cleaning regiments is a job that is carried out best by professionals.

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