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Understanding Green Cleaning

Being an environmentally conscious business goes beyond providing green services. Imagine a company that sells organic home products, but they do nothing to implement green practices in the office. A green business should take a hard look at how they operate and to then make changes necessary to go green. Changes can be as simple as getting energy efficient appliances and lightbulbs, but it can be as extensive as environmentally friendly office cleaning. We can help your business take extra steps so that it lives up to its green motto.

What is green cleaning? Simply put, it is methods of cleaning that seeks to improve air quality indoors, recycle appropriate materials, and to minimize the use of heavy and toxic cleaning agents. This cleaning benefits both the planet and those who spend time in your office space. In fact, the EPA conducted a study that suggests that by improving air quality in an office a business can boost productivity by up to 5%.

We will use eco-friendly products and low energy cleaning appliances. Some feel that using these tools might not leave an office space as clean as it would be under traditional cleaning methods, but that is very much not the case. It is possible to be green and clean at the same time. We provide the highest-quality janitorial services in NYC, and we would like to bring our services to your company. Call us for more information on office cleaning in NYC.

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