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What are the Dirtiest parts of an Office?

Regardless of size and staff, an office gets dirty quickly. Germs, dirt, bacteria, debris, and allergens must be cleaned and destroyed, and the only way to do that is with thorough office cleaning. It is one thing to clean obvious spaces like floors, windows, and desks, but are those the dirtiest places in an NYC office? Being mindful of the entire area can help to reduce allergies and sickness in your work environment. Our green cleaning services in NYC can help keep your office spotless.

Our team knows what the dirtiest areas in an office are:

  1. Coffee Pots: both the inside and outside of a pot needs cleaning. Most offices run on coffee, and so many people will be touching the machine. They will be spilling beans and coffee while leaving their germs behind. The inside of a device can get dirty quickly, which can produce mold and funky smells.
  2. Phones: Touching a phone and bringing it to your face is like rubbing your face with your hand. Dirt and bacteria stay on the phone and individuals regularly touch it. Personal computing devices should be cleaned as well (keyboard, mouse).
  3. Knobs and buttons: doors to get in an out are breeding places for germs and bacteria. The same goes for buttons in an elevator.

We pride ourselves on offering janitorial services that include the entire office, including the dirtiest parts. For more information on the best janitorial services NYC has, give us a call.

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