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Winter Cleaning and your Office

Winter is a season filled with low temperatures, long nights, and runny noses.  In order to remain more comfortable during this period, we often stay inside for longer spans of time, even if we are at work.  The longer a person stays in an area the more likely it is to fill with germs and dirt.  It is vital to maintain a clean working environment during the winter. If you don’t, you run the risk of getting sick and causing damage to an office space. Below are a few tips that will help you maintain a comfortable workspace during this chilly season.

The first thing to do is hire a professional cleaning service in NYC to regularly sanitize the office space. There are many different touch points in an office that accumulate germs and pathogens on a daily basis. If they are not properly cleaned, an employee has a risk of getting sick. Some examples of hot spot touch points are door nobs, windows, telephones, computers, and phones.

During the winter, it is also important to provide regular maintenance to the floors in an office space.  Salt, dirt, moisture, rock salt, and mud all wreak havoc on floors. Make sure a professional janitorial service in NYC is buffing and cleaning the surfaces in an office space. Entrance mats should also be regularly cleaned and maintained. These mats are the first line of defense against all the harsh winter elements that you want to keep outside.

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