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The Right Janitorial Service in NYC, New York Can Clean Any Floor

Office buildings, restaurants, and any other commercial properties in NYC have different style flooring materials, such as hardwood, carpeting, tile, and linoleum.  Other uncommon surfaces are various types of stone of ceramic tiles. Having clean floors is part of having a healthy business, and an office cleaning service in NYC, New York could help give you just that. Considering the vast differences between these floors, as well as others not mentioned here, one must have the proper tools, cleaning agents, and knowhow in order to really get your floors clean. What cleaning solutions will you buy for your floor, and what tools will you use to clean it? If you have carpeting, will you use soft or hard brushes? To try and learn about different flooring materials, machines, and cleaning supplies will take a rather long time, and that time can be better spent with you focusing on your business. Our professional staff has trained and worked in the field, so their knowledge of what tools and supplies to use is rather expansive. We offer janitorial services in NYC, New York, and we happen to specialize in floors. Whether you have carpeting or wood floors, our service will be quick, professional, and inexpensive.

There is a distinction between commercial and residential floor cleaning, and that is the sheer size and scale of the surfaces being cleaned. Under these conditions you cannot have a residential cleaning mindset, and if you do the job will either never get done or your will only make things worse. Different and more powerful tools must be used to clean a floor, and the same goes for cleaning supplies. When you hire us we first survey your space. We take detailed notes of what surfaces your have, and ultimately we do this to come up with unique cleaning plans for you and your workspace. We never approach different jobs the same way.

There are several steps we take that transfer from workspace to workspace, but the way in which we approach those steps are specific to individual locations. The first step we take is sweeping. We do this to get any and all lose debris of the ground before we start a deep clean. Once the top layer of dirt is removed we begin to use degreasers or cleaning chemicals. Depending on the type of surface, will determine whether or not we use machines or hand tools, but we also do detailing (the hard to reach stuff) by hand.

Look for a great office cleaning service in NYC, New York and your floors will be spotless.


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